Q: Are consultations free? I am unsure of what products I will need. 

A: Unmarked Beauty and Wellness consultations are always free. We offer a variety options that are customized to treat your specific needs. Our skilled professionals will make recommendations and discuss options at your consultation.

Q: Can I wear makeup to my appointment? 

A: Although not required to remove prior to visit, we recommend coming to your appointment with no makeup and a freshly washed face. Doing so will allow a more accurate assessment of your skin care plan. 

Q: Is there a cancelation or no-show fee if I can’t make appointment?

A: All appointments can be canceled or rescheduled online 24 hours prior or by calling (480) 737-1394. We know things can change in your schedule, by giving us a 24 hour notice you can avoid a $50 cancellation fee. We try to accommodate all changes in schedules as best as possible. Any notice is appreciated. 

Q: How much BOTOX® will/do I need?

A: The amount varies for each person depending on the strength of the muscles and the depth of creases. We can better determine your best amount at your visit. 

Q: Is there downtime with procedures?

A: Most procedures offered do not require down time, you are able to resume normal activities or go back to work after your appointment. We will discuss specific aftercare suggestions at the time of your visit. 

Q: How do I see available appointments or schedule a consultation?

A: You can see available times and days that best suits your schedule by using our convenient “schedule now” button on our home page or ONLINE